Want to treat a loved one/colleague/family member to the gift of flight? A wonderful and much appreciated present that’ s unforgettable.

The gift of flight! Contact us to purchase a unique gift voucher for anyone to experience this amazing paragliding adventure…

Treat a loved one(s) for: christmas, birthday, a barmitzva , Bachelor’s parties (bachelorettes). This unforgettable extreme (or calm) tandem paraglide flight is treasured by everyone who receives it! Make someone’s xmas! Why not purchase a giftvoucher for someone special and then come along and fly too……Sneaky, but clever!

Cost and Payment:

Payment can be made for the flight for R1300pp or including pictures and videos for R1600pp.

Parapax voucher_without block (1) (002).jpg



Payment to be made to

Account details:
Account owner                :             Stephane Juncker
Account number             :             10010667097
Account type                   :             Current / Cheque
Bank                                   :           INVESTEC BANK LIMITED
Address                             :            Grayston Drive 100 Sandown, Sandton, South Africa, 2196
Branch code                     :            580105
SWIFT code                      :            IVESZAJJ

Note : Please email confirmation of payment to and you will immediately receive an email from us with a voucher and validation code. Print this and fill out the lucky recipients name, date purchased and validation code. Too easy.

Vouchers are valid for 6 months, so the recipient can call us anytime to fly!

Vouchers are not refundable or transferable.

It may be “the 2nd best thing they will ever do!”