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Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets you free. 

With a passion for flying, Stef Juncker launched the idea of Parapax in 1999.  Parapax is the market leader and original tandem paragliding company in Africa.  A team of highly experienced pilots and managers make this exciting, well thought out company a success. The crew always put safety and fun first, standing well out amongst our competitors.

Today Stef has over 15 000 accident free flights and prides himself on running one of the world's best tandem paragliding businesses.

"I wanted to create a flying business in which passengers could arrive, not having any experience of our sport and get airborne immediately". This is what Parapax is.Stef prides himself on the following... giving back:" Today, over 25% of my profits are given directly to the employees who are the backbone of the business. You will notice that we have a lot of staff to make the experience very memorable for you. I strongly believe in giving back to those that need and deserve it. Its an investment in excellent workers and a cause i'm happy to support. No other tandem paragliding company pays nearly as much money to their underprivileged staff, many of whom are Zimbabwean and live hand to mouth.

I'm extremely proud to be making a difference in our personnel's lives. This is why you will notice them giving extra effort to your safety and enjoyment. "We know the cliche that the best things in life are free... But we really know that free flight, like paragliding over Seapoint from Signal hill really is just that! Unless its turbulent (when we generally aren't flying), we let you, the student, have a go and take the toggles and pilot the glider alone over cape town... if you want to of course! Stef built Parapax's reputation on giving every client the tailored flight that they wish. Some people are really nervous before flying and strictly want a gentle, slow flight down, while others want big acrobatics ( aerobatics ) and big tricks. We strictly give every passenger the flight that they wish. Every person is different, so are their wishes. We have learned the secrets! When Stef and his business partner and creative genius, Craig Marshall, first visualised a paragliding service in Cape Town, they wanted a name that combined what they stand for. Peace.. we all want it…and it’s the feeling you have when flying. The name Parapax comes from combining the ‘Para’ in Paragliding and Pax, the Latin word for peace.  Pax is also the airline term for the passenger.

Since then Parapax has seriously grown as a company. We are constantly looking at improvements in paragliding technology to make our service better and as safe as possible. Stef has been to Germany and Austria over 40 times since Parapax started to find the very best ideas in equipment and safety. The 360 degree, Virtual Reality (VR) camera service we have launched, for example, is another world first for Parapax, with no other tandem paragliding company anywhere on earth offering this!

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Paragliding Tandem Flight:   R1200pp
Paragliding Tandem Flight with Pictures & Videos:  R1500

Paragliding Tandem Flight with  Videos & 360 Degree Virtual reality (VR) Camera footage uploaded unedited + Free Clothing Gift-   R2000 per person

Return  Shuttle - R200 for the first person, R100 pp thereafter


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