Tandem Paramotoring


Tandem Powered Paragliding is perfect for launches nearly anywhere .. off beaches and large fields. The Paramotor is extremely versatile and clients are always amazed at the perspective they can get from the air – it’s useful in an endless amount of ways. Game viewing, photography and simply powering up into the air witht he paraglider.

Capturing the perfect aerial photo of Cape Town, of your new home or seeing an area from above is generally easy for us and we would be delighted to make it happen for you. We mostly launch our powered tandem flights from scenic Dolphin Beach along the Blouberg Beachfront, a 15-30 min drive (traffic permitting) from the center of Cape Town.

Paramotor and Motorised Paramotoring

Powered Paragliding (PPG), Motorised Paragliding or Paramotoring as it is sometimes called, is a revolution in the world of aviation. This amazingly simply and safe way of flying is taking the world by storm. The Paramotor is like an aircraft engine, except it’s worn backpack-style and designed to change a paraglider wing to a Powered Paraglider (PPG). It’s a true James Bond type experience, you can take off almost anywhere at almost anytime either foot launching from the ground or by trike.Tandem flights using a PPG offers a lot more flexibility. It’s an exceptionally dynamic and versatile form of paragliding.  It takes us less than 10 minutes to get ready to launch, and even less to pack up afterwards. We can launch from open fields and beaches around Cape Town and land softly. When the wind is absolutely perfect (10 – 15km/hr), taking off is a cinch, the pilot simply pulls up the glider (its like a kite coming up gently above our heads) and we don’t even need to take a step.  As the pilot gives the beautiful baby a little juice, we just get lifted up like a helicopter taking off!
 Where free-flying is restricted by the wind and thermals, with PPG, we can ‘power’ ourselves skywards!

We often climb really high and then switch off the motor, experiencing what it’s like to feel the ‘free-flying, glider’ sensation before landing. Or we can even thermal with the motor on. Our latest paramotors have electric starts which means we can re-start the motor in flight. From beaches to game farms through fields and around mountains, we are free to experience the most amazing scenery. Stef loves nothing more than to take clients to South Africa’s best beaches and mountains, to fly high, then switch the motor off and soar or thermal for as long as possible! Sometimes we go ‘low and slow’ where we literally fly so low over the beaches like Bloubergstrand that we can drag our feet through the sand – an amazing feeling! Having seagulls flying next to you and whale watching in Falsebay is out of this world! Dolphins, seals and sharks, are regularly spotted by us while we’re flying with this phenomenal, cabin-free state-of the art aircraft. With a 2 stroke engine first we gain  thrust, which powers the propeller to get some speed, and then we gain height. Typically 2 stroke, 80 -300cc engines are used, but 4 stroke and electric paramotors have also come onto the market. We can cover huge distances with the help of a bit of wind and/or thermal activity. The world’s longest single PPG flight is over 1100km flying across a straight line.


Once the bug has bitten, we offer you a simple and safe training course. It’s quick too – 2 weeks of full time training means you can be licensed. (35 supervised flights). Expect to lay out R40 000 (good second hand) to R140 000 (new) for a full rig including wing, motor and radio. To fly a Paramotor is a dream. It’s the least expensive, easiest-to-learn powered aircraft in existence. It offers an incredible flying experience with optional aerobatics for the brave!


Listed below are a few of our favourite Paramotor spots but if you have a special place you want to fly from, if it’s possible, we will oblige. We can even come to your farm, house or workplace. Or if you need a photographic expedition, we can do so, either in tandem or solo. We fly over Industrial, Agricultural, construction and Architectural sites – private or Corporate, in Cape Town or anywhere else in South Africa.

Dolphin Beach – Blouberg / Tableview – corner of Visagie Street and Marine Drive.

GPS: 33 49 33.83 S 18 28 45.11 E

Strand Beach – Corner Drake Road and Beach Road,

GPS: 34 06 18.28 S 18 49 01.98 E

Muizenberg Beach – Lifesavers Club, Corner Prince George Drive (M5) and Baden Powell Drive

GPS: 34 06 13.29 S 18 28 57.08 E

Goedverwacht, Durbanville Airfield

GPS: 33 46 24.93 S 18 41 30.59 E

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Paragliding Tandem Flight:   R1200pp
Paragliding Tandem Flight with Pictures & Videos:  R1500

Paragliding Tandem Flight with  Videos & 360 Degree Virtual reality (VR) Camera footage uploaded unedited + Free Clothing Gift-   R2000 per person

Return  Shuttle - R200 for the first person, R100 pp thereafter


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